What Is Exactly Severe Service Valve?

Either it is a new or an old one, every device needs regular maintenance to keep it working well and durable, including valve. Severe service control valve is one of the types of services especially done to maintain valve and avoid the device from any damage caused by corrosive and erosive. To give you a clearer description of what severe service control valve is actually, this article will discuss all things you need to know about this kind of service.


Severe Service VS Critical Service: Are They Just the Same?

As it is widely known that valve is a useful device especially if you need something to open, close, and control the flow of liquids. There are many kinds of valve’s types that function for different purposes. The types of valve include ball valve, butterfly valve, needle valve, gate valve, globe valve, check valve, and plug valve. Each of them has their own function and specialties. Severe service valve is needed in order to achieve maximum flexibility through severe service products that integrate the pressure, temperature, and material options altogether. This is because there are some factors that can lead the valve into failures, they are noise reduction, advanced anti – cavitation, and advanced anti – erosion. This situation can reduce the valve life and capability to work. Based on the terminology, both the severe service and critical service have their own definition that differs from one into another. A severe service is defined as the challenges levied you can find in the valve itself, for example high temperatures and pressures. Meanwhile, the critical service means potential consequences if the valve technology applied does not work correctly. For instance is nuclear service which can be categorized in critical service application. This is because there will be environmental damage and destruction if the nuclear technology is used by bad people.

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When Do You Need to Apply Severe Service Valve?

There is always a maximum acceptable leakage rate for every application of valve. The severe service valve can help you to identify the maximum acceptable level of the device’s performances. This kind of service is very useful. This is because you will have to spend more money and time for fixing the valve if the device you use is not strong enough to do its jobs. The valve will also put your equipment and plant at risk if it is unable to do its jobs properly. This is how the severe service will be beneficial much for you. Some industries that use severe service valve frequently to maintain their devices include power generation. Chemical industries in which corrosive media commonly exist are another example of industry that uses the severe service valve regularly. There are some criteria that can be the sign your valve needs severe service, include:

  1. Very low or high temperatures
  2. Very high or low pressures
  3. High vibration
  4. Corrosive environments
  5. Outgassing that can result in sudden increase of the flow volume, and
  6. Contaminated media

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